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Do u have an Instagram? And I love your blog btw! 

Yes, @vivaalaval but mostly my personal life. Not so much vintage stuff lol.

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50’s Inspired Look (Tips)

I get messaged quite often for makeup tips on 1950’s inspired makeup. Although I’m no professional I’ve always loved makeup and decided to finally give little tips that I can offer to some beginners.
First off would obviously be wash your face. There’s nothing better than starting off with a clean canvas. Next would be to put any moisturizer on your face for your skin type. I cannot stress that enough. After that use a PRIMER. It’s so important only because it helps give a flawless look and makes your makeup more long lasting. Next would be your foundation. If you have oily skin you would want to use a foundation that is matte. If you have dry skin like me DO NOT use a matte foundation. Use a foundation that hydrates your skin. You can set your foundation with a translucent power. Ladies from the 50’s had a very matte look, so if you are going to use eye shadows use matte browns that have no shimmer in your crease and a light color on your lid. You can use pink blushes and contour your face to accentuate your natural features. Once again NO SHIMMERS. You can use any blush that really compliments your skin tone and use it on the apples of your cheeks.
I think the three things for an ideal “50’s” look is all in the lip, eyeliner, and eyebrows. Ladies back then used to have arched brows. Nothing super crazy, but they usually always had a beautiful arched brow. You want to create an arch brow that suits your face features. You can also just stick to your natural brow and fill in any gaps you may have or just define your brows. Lip color is EVERYTHING. A bright bold red lip honestly pulls the look together. You want to use a lip liner that matches your lipstick and really outline your lips so you can have a beautiful bold lip. Although I do love MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick everyone likes a cheaper alternative. I find that Rimmels “Kiss of Life” from the Kate collection is a nice matte red color that can suit any skin tone. It’s seriouslysuch a beautiful pigmented lipstick. The 50’s look wouldn’t be anything without it’s beautiful cat eye. Now I can’t emphasize this enough… PRACTICE. I still have day where I struggle with my eyeliner, but what I have learned is doing small strokes at a time and following your lower lash line for your wing is a good way to start. Practice. I promise you that you’ll start to get the hang of it if you practice.
I know some of these tips are not new to most of you, but I hope this helps for those who asked for some pointers on how to achieve a 50’s inspired look. Good luck!


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Ann Blyth (1948) on the set of Mr. Peabody and the Mermaid
Dapper Day!

Okay so I haven’t been on in a long time! Sorrrryyyy! Well Dapper Day is in a couple days for those who live in California! For the first timers, GO ALL OUT when it comes to your outfit. Honestly it’s so worth it! It’s fun to dress up and see all the other people that do as well. It gets super packed with so many vintage looking people. I’ve even seen people take vintage cameras, umbrellas, baby carriges, and other cool vintage props.
This will be my third time attending Dapper Day. Spring 2014 I dressed as as The Little Mermaid Dapper/Disney Bound! Its absolutely amazing seeing how many people dress as Disney Characters, but also have that vintage vibe. So for the first time Dapper Day Disney goers it’s not to late to look for a vintage outfit or make one of your ow. I hope to see some of you Dapper folks there.

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hi so you probably get asked this SO often but where did you get your outfit for your ariel dapper day disneybound? it is SO cute and that top is to die for <3 

Aww thanks! I made my skirt myself since you get to choose your fabric and the color :) here’s the video that helped me make it:
And my top I actually got it online, I’m not sure if they have some in stock but this is the link:
Be careful in the size you get cuz I’m a small and that top was a small and it was still big on me.
Hope that helped :)

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Cyd Charisse 1956


Thanks for loving me ? :) lol

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Ariel Disney Bound at Dapper Day
Ursula stole my voice once again!!

You are a lovely modern pinup. (: 

Thank you :)

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Elaine Stewart C. 1950s
Marilyn Monroe 1940&#8217;s
Jayne Mansfield
1940&#8217;s Swimwear
Grease Lightening!!